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Mike shares pics of his 72" Tool Box Set and Leaves a Google Review!

Big Shout Out to Mike at Harry's Auto Center, located at 400 Roselle Street in Linden, NJ! Mike left us this very positive Google Review, as well as submitted photos of his tool box set up at the shop. Mike, we appreciated your well thought out review and were so happy to check out your photos, too! You've done a great job organizing them after only buying the set last month!

Mike says,"Clark and Bobby were very easy to deal with and answered all my questions. Seem like very authentic guys. I was contemplating on Snap On or Matco, but am so glad to have gone with this brand of tool box. I have felt and seen Snap on boxes and these are comparable and or better. There are small minor things I do recognize however, is that the slides seem to stick but with some dry lube it works 100%. The other thing is the paint, the paint seems to be easily scratched but with some buffing and a lil elbow grease it comes off. I did take the precautionary measure to vinyl it. However with the actual structure it is very well built, right out the box I can feel the quality of steel and it’s up there with the best. I stood on the lower shelf and it easily carried my weight. It is sturdy strong and not to mention 80 percent cheaper than those other high end brands. Thank You guys and hopefully I can purchase more from you in coming time."

air tools in the tool box

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