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Extreme Tools 72" Roller Cabinet w/ Stainless Steel Top, Quick Latches, Mag Wheels R-EX7217RCQ

Extreme Tools' 72" Rolling Tool Box features stainless steel top and quick latches. Also comes with mag wheels.

Extreme Tools 72" 17 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet R-DX722117RC

72" x 21" DX tool boxes feature heavy duty MAG wheels that support over 900 lbs each. Drawers are secure even if tool cabinet is unlocked with efficient self-latching mechanism.

72" Rolling Tool Cabinet + 72" Top Tool Hutch R-CRX72251901SET

CRX72251901SET Combo Set includes a 19 drawer 72" rolling tool cabinet and a 72" top tool hutch.

Extreme Tools 72" Rolling Tool Cabinet R-RX722519RC

Extreme Tools' RX722519RC rolling tool box features New Expanded Drawer Width Design.

72" Top Tool Hutch R-CRX722501HC

Rear steel wall of this 72" tool top hutch is preformed with 1/4" holes (pegboard style) for organizing tools - includes portable lighting and air tool holder, along with tool storage display shelf and locking door.

72" Top Hutch R-CRX723001HC

This 72" top tool hutch measures 72" W x 30" D x 22.25" H and features portable lighting and air tool holder included.

Extreme 72" Top Hutch R-RX722501HC

This 72" top tool hutch measures 72" W x 25" D x 22.25" H and features polished aluminum side trim and high gloss coat finish.

72" Rolling Tool Cabinet + 72" Top Tool Chest R-CRX722531SET

CRX722531SET Combo features a 72" rolling tool box and a 72" top tool chest.

Extreme 72" Work Station /Top Hutch R-EX7201HC

The 72” Extreme Work Station / Top Hutch EX7201HC has a built-in stainless steel work surface, as well as a stainless steel adjustable shelf with built-in 6 outlet power strip with surge protection.

Extreme Tools 72" X 21" Top Hutch R-DX722101HC

This top hutch measures 72" X 21" and features peg board panels, 110 volt power strip, 2 gas springs, full length one piece handle, power tool holder, adjustable shelf, and a locking front door.

Extreme 72" 15 Drawer Triple Bank Top Chest R-EX7215CH

The Extreme EX7215CH is made of super heavy duty steel construction and features full extension drawers with heavy-duty ball bearing glides on all drawers.

Extreme 72" 12 Drawer Top Chest R-RX722512CH

Extreme's 72" 12 Drawer Top Chest measures 72" W x 25" D x 22.25" H and features deep drawers with double slides.

Extreme Tools 72" Top Hutch R-EX7201HCQ

Extreme Tools 72" top hutch measures 72" x 30"D x 38"H. This top Hutch fits with the EX7217RCQ bottom Roller Cabinet.