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Extreme 72" Roller Cabinet Tool Box w/ Stainless Steel Top R-EX7218RC

The EX7218RC roller cabinet tool chest includes stainless steel top. Toolbox has 18 drawers with a 250 lbs rating per drawer, and comes complete with an extra deep high-gloss powder coat finish.

Extreme Tools 72" Rolling Tool Cabinet R-RX722519RC

Extreme Tools' RX722519RC rolling tool box features New Expanded Drawer Width Design.

Extreme Tools 72" Roller Cabinet W/ Stainless Steel Top R-EX7217RC

The Extreme EX7217RC 72" 17 Drawer Roller Cabinet Professional Series is a 3 bank cabinet with a net weight of 1100 lbs. Rugged stainless steel top, 30" depth, and solid aluminum drawer pulls are just a few of the many features.